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Important Info

The Inca Trail Treks: Important Information

The Inca Trail treks to Machu Picchu are beautiful trekking route rightfully called a paradise on earth. The enigmatic region boasts its diverse ethnicity, rich culture and awe-inspiring natural beauty. With a wide variety of flora and fauna, The Inca Trail treks hold some of the rarest species like the Andean Condo and spectacled bear. The Inca Trail is truly a god’s playground with stunning landscapes, majestic mountains and mysterious Inca settlements

Important Trip Notes & Activities

If you book one of our Inca Trail Treks, Pleased acknowledge that you are joining us for the adventure trip in remote Machu Picchu region, where weather conditions, health and fitness of the member or unexpected natural disaster can compel us to change the itinerary and if so you have to understand it but we would try our best to keep the suggested itinerary as per the original schedule.

Your safety and satisfaction of the trip is our prime concern while travelling with us and we ensure you our best team, logistics, professional services to make sure that you would have an amazing trip of lifetime with us. Also note that our trip leader deserved the final decision if the trip has to amend, change the route or cancel due to the extreme conditions for the safety precaution. However, he will try his best to ensure that the trip runs as according to the stated plan but be prepared for flexibility if necessary.

Experience and fitness required.

The Inca Trail Treks are not a difficult. No previous trekking experienced is required but if you have, it is a great plus point. This trek is a non-technical walk. The highest height you would reach on this trip is 4,200m from sea level. The walk involves a lots of ups and downs, takes you through local villages, farming lands, Inca terraces, Inca archaeological sites and river side but as long as you have strength of walking for 6 to 8 hours a day, you are qualified for the trek however you should be having a moderate health and fitness.

We strongly suggest travelers to consult with your medical doctor before travelling and do the regular checkup of your health and report us while booking a trip with “Sunrise Peru Trek”.

A part of the health and fitness, participant must be having a positive attitude and strong determination for the successful trip.

Group Size

The minimum group size would be two and maximum group size is ten or more on request. We can also organize private trip to solo person with single supplement cost. Else, join our estimated group departure dates available online or ask us with your personal dates, we will open group date on the same date.

Our Guides, trip and safety

Because these hikes take you on the remote Machu Picchu region, it is very important that you are accompanied with the very experienced and qualified & equipped leader for the safe and successful Trek. We at “Sunrise Peru Trek” employee the local trek guide and stuff who are trained and qualified on the trip we worked on. Our guides are trained and licensed from Peruvian government, certify from Cusco University and the Official Tour Guides Association. All of our leading Trekking Guides are experience from last 10 to 15 years. We have train them specially for your trip, to cater the flexible needs of our peoples in the group joining from different countries, this double assure you that your trip is at the right and professional hands.

At every trip, there would be our one Trek leader and one assistance leader on each additional 2 peoples on the trek- this arrangement would ensure that even if any of our guide/ assistance guides get sick or if any travelers gets sick and need to be back or delay the days of walking, it would still works smoothly and there would not be any impact on our original trek plan. Also each two trekker would have one porter helper for carrying your trekking bags.

Meals and Accommodations

While in Cusco and Aguas Calientes town, your accommodation is at standard  3-stars hotels and while in trek, your accommodation is at camping tents, they are clean and comfortable. Our entire accommodation is at twin share unless stated but single supplement accommodation is also available on personal request at the additional cost of US$40.

In city of Cusco and the town of Aguas Calientes, only breakfast is included on the offered trip itinerary but while in trek full board of meals is included (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, and Tea- Coffee).

Caring Porter

Our porter are fully equipped and insured for each trip they are undertaking with us. As you know that we are very sincere with the porter issues and their situation while on trek thus we make sure that our porter are fully prepared for the trip. We are closely working with International Porter Progress Association for the welfare and befit for the touristic porters.

The maximum load carried by our porter is 20KG maximum so be sure that your trekking bag so not load more than 7 KG.

Communication facilities on this Trek

These days, there are enough communication facilities on this trek, most of the local villages has local telephone booth phone thus if required, you can easily communicate with your friends and family however the cost is slightly expensive, 2 to 3 dlr per minute. Nowadays, during the clear days, reception of Peruvian cell phones is on throughout the trail, your guide will have Cell phone on the trip.

Book The Inca Trail Treks to Machu Picchu

Once you would choose which trip you would like to book with us, write us with the information or phone us on our phone number for the trip booking confirmation. We have online trip booking option, you may go on that link, choose your trip and date and follow the instruction with information required and summit us.

Once your trip booking request would be received, we would suggest you the final trip booking procedure with advance payment of the trip. Non-refundable deposit of 40% (per person) is required to confirm a place on your selected adventure.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in relation to any questions you may have regarding our trip booking Process.


Tipping is an expected and highly appreciated component of your Inca Trail Treks. Although it may not be customary for you; it is of considerable significance to the people who will take care of you during your trek; as an important source of income for those in the tourism industry. It is one of the most direct ways that you can have a positive economic impact within the communities that you visit.


At “Sunrise Peru Trek”; we recommend you contact your family physician; or your local travel clinic for the most up-to-date health information at least one month before departure.

Please ensure you have all the inoculations recommended by your doctor for travel in Peru. Be aware that Peru has regions where malaria is present, including the ones visited. We thus recommend that you take malaria medication; your doctor should be able to recommend the necessary prophylactics. Travellers should also carry a basic travel first-aid kit as medical facilities are basic throughout these countries. An important item to include is a liquid or gel hand sanitizer and/or alcoholic/sanitary wipes; as they will aid in personal cleanliness and hygiene throughout the trip.


Are found in the areas visited. Mosquitos are more prevalent in areas that receive more rainfall, and sand flies, though generally found on the coast, can also be found in dry & dusty conditions inland. Both tend to come out in the early evening and early mornings. Protective clothing, and insect repellent are highly recommended during these times.


Even when days are cool please be sure to drink a minimum of two litres of water; and refrain from drinking to many diuretics; as while when travelling outdoors the breeze can dehydrate you quickly as well as the heat.


It is normal for people travelling overseas to get an upset stomach due to a change of climate and food. Please make sure that you wash your hands and stay away from street food.


Although the tre is not a technical mountain trekking; it is a moderate challenge and the rigors of altitude should not be underestimated. Remember that the pass is 1,200m higher Cusco; and 2,200m higher than Machu Picchu. The pace of your ascent coupled with good acclimatization will help you on the trek; but it is essential to be mentally and physically prepared before you start. Regular hikes are one of the best ways to prepare; increasing frequency and length, as you get closer to the trek.

All aerobic exercises such as cycling, running, swimming and funnily enough aerobics are good for strengthening the cardiovascular system. Generally, any exercise that increases the heart rate for 20 minutes is helpful.


Should you encounter any difficulties meeting your transfer from the airport to the starting hotel, depending on which country you are in you can contact a SUNRISE PERU TREK representative on the following:

  • Mauro Pedraza – Operations Manager
    Mobile: +(51) 984 734633
  • Henrry Chauca – Operations
    Mobile: +(51) 950 313131
  • Sharon Ovalle – SUNRISE PERU TREK Representatives Supervisor
    Mobile: +(51) 974 359484


While we hope you never have to use it; if for any reason you need to contact someone from SUNRISE PERU TREK; whether it be that you have missed a trip departure meeting; have become separated from your trip on the road or any other unforeseeable problem. The following options are available to you.

  • Cusco Office
    Your best recourse to assistance during the day is to call our team between 8am-9pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am-4pm.
    Telf: +51 84 237404
  • Emergency Contact
    If you need to contact SUNRISE PERU TREK outside of the above hours the following number is available:
    Mobile: +(51) 984 734633

Please remember if it is a genuine emergency, we of course want you to call us; however, if it can wait until the next day, we ask that you call during our office hours. Thank you.