Inca Trail Porter

The Inca Trail Porters are literally the backbone of the trekking world. Everything you see in the mountains that nature didn’t put there – The Inca Trail porter did. For trekkers, the Inca trail to Machu Picchu can be hard, the air thin, and the gear REALLY heavy. Porters, especially The “Inca Trail porters” and other mountain peoples, are accustomed to the altitude and thin air (many even have different physical characteristics from you and I – special adaptations to cope) and spend their lives carrying loads in the mountains.

For you, heavy pack of gear might make a tough day unbearable – a good porter won’t have too much difficulty. If you ask them, porters will carry immense loads, much more than could be considered reasonable – it’s up to you to exercise discretion and care. We suggest not asking any single porter to carry more than 20kg – a safe weight they can manage with comfort. A porter will typically carry the gear of half tourist.

Porters aren’t there to guide you, most don’t even speak English, they’re just there to make sure everything you need is where you need it, when you need it. They’re also not there to look out for your safety – in fact, porters are often so keen to get the job done that you need to look out for their safety and well-being. As their employer, “Sunrise Peru Trek” has a genuine responsibility for their health and safety.

All of our Porters are from the mountain regions of Cusco and have been working in the Trekking field for many years. They will carry your luggage, food and other necessary items in a safe and secure way. They are careful to keep your things in good condition, protecting them against wet conditions, sharp rocks and other possible hazards.

Sunrise Peru Trek Porters are honest, and proud of their personal honor. Because they are mountain folk, their heritage is an honest, and proud of their personal honor. Because they are mountain folk, their heritage is a precious advantage which also benefits you.

We are always dedicated to providing the best service to our clients. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated; they provide valuable insight for us for future Inca Trail Treks. We are happy to give you the chance to communicate openly about your thoughts and experiences with us. Please leave your comments with us at the end of your trip. Both your good and not so good comments will help us to make our service more effective and efficient in the future.