Inca Trail Treks – Costs and Tour Operators

One of the key benefits of trekking The Inca Trail Treks are that there are a number of options available in terms of how you want to organize your trek.

Generally though, there are two ways to trek the Inca Trail Treks:

  • a.- Group Trek Services
  • b.-  Private Trek Services

The main difference between the various Inca Trail Trek services are the number of people in the group, the level of comfort that you can expect, the quality of the guide, food and camping equipment, how well the porters are treated and whether the company will actually guarantee their departure date, even if they can’t find anyone else to fill up the group. The prices quoted below are to be used as a guide only and may vary considerably from company to company. Services are generally classified into the following groups: Group or Private Services.

Group Inca Trail Treks Services

Many companies have fixed departure dates or even daily trek departures. You simply join up with other trekkers from all over the world to make a larger group. The maximum allowable group size on the Inca Trail Treks is 16 persons. This service is known as a group service (or pooled service). The advantage of this type of service is that the trek works out cheaper and that you get to meet other likeminded people from all over the world. The disadvantage is that the groups can be fairly large and that people within the group can be of mixed ability. When the group is larger than 8 persons, regulations require that two guides are used.

Private Trek Services

Private services are arranged just for you and your friends. If there are just two of you this type of service can work out very expensive since the cost of the guide, cook, porters etc. are obviously spread amongst just the two of you. If there are six or more of you in your group then the cost is considerably reduced and may well be worth considering.

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